Check out our new lease program!

Garner Headjoints flute lease program

We are so excited to announce that we have been working on something very special for all of our enthusiastic and loyal followers and supporters that will make it much easier to test and play on a Garner Headjoint TODAY.  This is the most flexible lease program that you will ever encounter and here are some of the basics to the program:

The first month is a free trial!

Thereafter, you will be charged a recurring monthly payment that is 1/30th of the retail price.

You AUTOMATICALLY own the headjoint after 30 months of recurring consecutive payments.

Cancel and return the headjoint anytime to stop your recurring payments.  A couple months, a semester, or a year might be all that you need it for.

Are you in disbelief?  It’s happening now so don’t delay while we have ample stock. Get your hands on a Garner Headjoint before the end of this year!  Go to this page to sign up for our headjoint lease program now.


*leasing program is available for all models except gold.
*leasing program is currently not available for individuals outside of the United States.

Find pricing for Garner Headjoints’ leases here!