Begin with The Elan.

An advantage for beginners.


The Elan is built to the same exacting specifications and quality as all of our professional headjoints and is ideal for any budget conscious musician, student, or beginner looking for better intonation and the same advantages the pros have.



I can say without a doubt that every Garner Headjoint performs to its greatest potential when played in a Yamaha Flute.

Fluting, revolutionized.

Nearly 200 years in the making.


Painstakingly handcrafted by uncompromising craftsmen and skilled engineers, the revolutionary Garner Headjoint has the ability to transform any flute and allow the flutist to play at a new level of excellence.


Garner headjoints are forged from precious transition metals never before used in flute making. This is combined with our cutting edge technology for flawless precision and sound quality.

  • Innovative materials

    By combining harder and denser new metals like tantalum and niobium that have never been used before, Garner’s revolutionary patented headjoint design enables any flute to perform better.

  • Enhanced sound quality

    Our patented Power Bands have been used to secure the wall to the tube without soldering, allowing conventional metals like silver and gold to perform with better sound quality.

  • Unique consistency

    Garner embouchures represent an unparalleled degree of precision that can only be achieved with patented cutting edge computer technology, ensuring the same level of quality in every headjoint.



Discover more about our creators and their journey. 

Brad Playing

Dr. Bradley Garner has played the flute for over 40 years throughout the United States, Asia and Europe as a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician. For the last 30 years he has been heavily involved in flute and headjoint design.


Professor and Professional Flutist / Owner
Michael Geoghegan(1)

As an engineer and machinist with a knack for problem solving, Michael is constantly pressing the limits of the industry in an effort to create a product with the best performance qualities.


Engineer / Owner
Kate Montross(1)

Kate, as a goldsmith, helps produce Garner Headjoints. When not at the bench, Kate handles inquiries and attends to customer needs. She would like you to voice your opinion, ask questions, and interact on our site.


Sales and Marketing Manager