Geoghegan Company

We’ve changed our name!

We are now Geoghegan Company

Going forward, our patented headjoints will be made and sold exclusively by the Geoghegan Company. Garner Headjoints Inc. was a corporation 100% owned and operated by Michael Geoghegan, who is also the 100% owner of the Geoghegan Company. The Geoghegan Company has been making flutes and headjoints for the flute world since 1980. Michael Geoghegan is the inventor, patent holder and maker of all Garner Headjoints. We have removed Dr. Garner’s name from our headjoints and have no association or connection with him. He will not profit in any way from the future sales of our headjoints.

We are committed to helping every flutist unleash his or her true potential. We will accomplish that goal by using only the finest materials, most advanced technology, exceptional craftsmanship and an uncompromising dedication to excellence. We stand behind every Geoghegan Headjoint that we produce and promise that it will be an enduring testament to our commitment.