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Garner Headjoint owners Bradley Garner and Michael Geoghegan met for the first time back in the early eighties.  Their mutual desire for advancement within the flute industry sparked an immediate connection between the two.  As long time friends, they decided in 2009 to design and produce headjoints together.  Their initiative was to design and produce headjoints that would improve a player’s performance on any flute.


As woodwind players, we are fortunate to have such a variety of flute companies making quality headjoints and flutes, however it is crucial in the industry that we don't become complacent with the performance of the instrument.  We are forever grateful to Theobald Boehm and his ground-breaking work on the acoustics and key system of the flute that we still use today.  It is necessary to continue to innovate, and we strive to improve all aspects of performance related to pitch, sound production and overall ease of play.  With the Garner Headjoint, we believe that we are reducing performance obstacles that face flutists around the world.  We strive to continue to press the limits of headjoint design in order to enhance your performance and we look forward to your feedback as we work to improve upon the challenges you face.


The Garner Headjoint will improve the pitch throughout the 3-octave range of any flute without having to make major manual adjustments to your embouchure by rolling in or out or by directing or changing your airstream.  Try it with a tuner vs. your current headjoint. Garner Headjoints allow easier changes in tone colors, tonguing, jumping of octaves and less splitting or cracking of notes.  Produced in a variety of metals, many used for the first time in headjoint design, a Garner Headjoint will make your flute perform with greater ease and will enhance your playing.


Power Bands- Power Bands (patent pending) are used to secure the wall to the tube without using soldering methods.  Since the high heat required for soldering softens the tube, the Power Bands (patent pending) allow the tube to remain very hard, effectively improving the resonance and the spectrum of sound that is produced.  The Power Bands (patent pending) also apply pressure to the tube around the embouchure allowing for cleaner tonguing and jumping of octaves.  

Materials- Extremely innovative methods of fabrication are employed in order to utilize metals that have never before been used in headjoint design.  Tantalum and niobium are both pure metals that are extremely hard and dense which positively affects both the high frequency and low frequency overtones or the color and spectrum of the sound produced.

Crown Assembly- All Garner Headjoint models contain a weighted crown and a weighted assembly with a rubber stopper.  Cork is not used at all in the assembly.  The rubber stopper will not deteriorate over time and requires little to no maintenance. Construction of the extra weight in the assembly and crown creates a hard dense surface that reflects all of the sound back out the open end of the flute, greatly reducing absorption or loss of sound in the crown.

Taper- The taper is designed using very specific and finite dimensions that are crucial to the harmonics of the scale and intonation of the flute.  The same taper is used on all models of Garner Headjoint.

Riser- The embouchure cut on all Garner Headjoints is the same, and in line with the style of a free-blowing cut.  Because each dimension of the embouchure has a particular effect on different performance characteristics, the embouchure cut that we have selected and use on all our headjoints we believe is the very best compromise of all of these characteristics.  All risers are produced and cut the same in order to minimize variations between headjoints of the same model and all models of Garner Headjoints produced.



Bradley Garner - Professor and Professional Flutist/Owner

Dr. Bradley Garner has played the flute for over 40 years throughout the United States, Asia and Europe as a soloist, orchestral and chamber musician.  For the last 30 years he has been heavily involved in flute and headjoint design.  His flute designs and the scale of the flute have been used by literally thousands of flute players around the world.  He is on the faculties of The University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, The Juilliard Pre-College and New York University.   His teachers were his father, Gary Garner, and Julius Baker.

Michael Geoghegan - Engineer/Owner

Michael Geoghegan entered the flute industry in the mid-seventies and in the eighties designed, engineered and produced Phoenix Flutes played by many leading musicians of the time.  As an engineer and machinist with a knack for problem solving, Michael is constantly pressing the limits of the industry in an effort to create a product with the best performance qualities.  Michael designed and produces all Garner Headjoints in his machinist shop located in Moretown Vermont.

Kate Montross - Sales and Marketing Manager

Kate Montross joined the team in 2011 in order to handle all customer relations and sales and marketing initiatives.  Kate is eager to ensure that all inquiries are handled and customer needs are met so make sure to voice your opinion, ask questions, and interact on this site so we can find out what you think about Garner Headjoints and continue to improve for you.  

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